Tailored renewable energy solutions for your home

Kouga Renewables supplies Eastern Cape property owners with Green Renewable Energy (PV panels, inverters and battery storage) for a healthier planet

Get a reliable power source without loadshedding or high usage expenses

One size doesn’t fit all, so rushing into the solar market for the cheapest option is not going to get you what you need. Kouga Renewables aims to give you as much information as possible before you make a considerable investment on something that doesn’t deliver on your expectations.

You are just 3 steps away from energy independence:

Step 1:
Book a free evaluation

Choose a time on our calendar that works best for you. We will come out to evaluate your power consumption needs, setup and structure to determine the best solution for your renewable energy needs.

Step 2:
Receive your personalized proposal

We will use the information gathered from our evaluation to prepare a personalized proposal to meet your energy storage needs.

Step 3:
No more loadshedding!

When you’re happy to go ahead, we take care of absolutely everything, from the orders to the installation with a registered and compliant specialist electrician. You just sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits…

Helpful solar information

7 questions your solar service provider should ask you

While there are lots of advice and articles on what questions to ask prospective solar service businesses before buying, you should really pay attention to what questions your solar supplier asks YOU. Their attention to detail and the questions they ask may reveal a lot about their expertise, competence, and level of service (as well as assist you to prevent any unpleasant surprises).

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How much does solar cost?

How much does solar cost, you ask? Well, this answer can vary. Solar panels, battery backup, and an inverter will cost between R200,000 and R220,000 to move a normal residence totally off the grid. This investment, on the other hand, will pay for itself in energy savings.

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The Beginners Guide to

Understanding Solar Energy

Everything you need to know before you make a considerable investment for your home.
Don’t blow your money on an inverter or solar energy system that doesn’t work for you. We created this free guide to help you make an educated decision on a solar solution that works for you.

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